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Snickers Salad

Snickers Salad is a delicious, Midwestern dessert, sure to please at your next family gathering.



  • Combine whipped cream, milk, and pudding mix in a large bowl. Once pudding is set fold in Snickers and apples. Serve immediately. See notes about storing leftovers.


  • To avoid browning on your apples make sure to place them in a bowl of water with some lemon juice or citric acid immediately after chopping.
  • Snickers salad becomes watery over time due to the apples gradually releasing juice. To avoid a soggy Snickers salad, make it the same day you plan to serve it, though you can prep everything but the apples in advance. Only make as much as you need. This recipe will serve a large gathering. You can halve the recipe for a smaller group.
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